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Men over 40 years of age, the cells of the testes begin to degenerate, replaced by collagen fibers. T levels decrease, causing reduced sexual desire, intercourse pace sir. The smooth muscles in the blood vessels can surround the penis under the effect of adrenaline and the sympathetic system will be more frequent contractions, making penis size T-back; need more time to get the new diamond, more premature ejaculation; quality sexual activity reduces. 

Physiological, changes can be seen easily as obesity, fat accumulation in the abdomen more, breasts bigger, testicles Porn milfs and penis small, bearded less developed, muscles no longer hunt sure. It is a manifestation of a process of testosterone deficiency. 

Work pressure that causes sexual dysfunction. Photo: TT
In men sexual dysfunction demonstrated by types such as impotence, premature ejaculation, libido decline. Largely due to endocrine disorders, pituitary disease; with spinal surgical intervention ... These are the factors that make the process of sexual dysfunction occurs sooner, stronger. 


For women, the decline of sexual feeling "no longer interested" in women is closely related to the issue of age. This is seen as a pathological movements gradually but the woman did not feel. Illness, medication as well as the decline of hormones strongly influence the sexual dysfunction has become acute when sudden or prolonged chronic.
Treatment of sweating in the limbs, head forehead, underarms, back, chest ... confidence in communication and living 20 years, "miserable" with Asthma, sputum cough, difficulty breathing because not known
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When questions chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, arthritis or cancer ... menopause women are vulnerable to sexual dysfunction. 
The work of women in modern life are likely to cause them stress, this stress is the cause of sexual dysfunction. The negative psychological effects, state of fatigue or depression will make women lose sexual desire.

Any solution?
When you see signs of sexual dysfunction, both spouses need to consult experts on sexual or specialist doctors, should not explain or try to self-treat just take time just to spend money without bringing effective as desired. Live comfortably, frank exchange the mystery of the issue you're having with your partner is the best solution, the best course being reduced sex drive. 
If poor health, need to engage in physical activities, sports and culture to improve physically and mentally. Eat balanced, nutritious; improve the environment and context of sexual activity (quiet, cool, discreet, comfortable).

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