"The doctor created" the world's most eight tube famous show nine principles of treating acne should remember

But come on, let's ignore the appeal of the moulding pimples to accept the truth is no one like being both acne and not everyone has the "opportunity" to see a doctor this famous acne moulding. So, please listen to the advice of your dermatologist Sandra Lee-the person behind the nickname Dr. Pimple-reveals the survival principle ' uncontrollable to manually handle these obnoxious acne at home.

1-If you are crafting the most this acne then please do it right

It is best you don't touch the pimple, leave it alone. Acne Acne can make the dough yourself swelling worsens and can leave scars. According to dermatologist Sandra Lee, if you can't handle that obnoxious acne that it must know at what can and must stop the moulding. When acne Anime Porn is still inflamed red, touch it only makes it more severe inflammation. Please wait until the worker has reached the surface of the skin make moulding, i.e. at you see has white head in the middle. You can accelerate the ripening of pimples by pressure.

When the pimple is ready for you to handle it, wash your hands and face clean at the same time disinfect moulding rods. Press evenly around the acne to push workers out, but don't get acne too strong hands. The more you push the strong and many are acne swelling. After human acne is removed has yet to be done, let's try to squeeze out room and blood out.

2-stop touching acne

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Even you don't try touching the acne the moulding pimples should also not. If you have the habit of touching your face or "reconnaissance" the acne then use bandages round stickers cover acne back to avoid the finger its been.

Dr. Lee also recommend a topical acne cream thick layers, just to treat just to remind you don't touch it anymore.

3-When is suffering from acne, use Sunscreen SPF low

Sunscreen chemicals can make the pumpkin principle pores causing more acne condition, but Sun is sunny like this, you can not out on the street without the security vệđược. Dr. Lee said, even though the American Academy of Dermatology recommended should use Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher altitudes but as she SPF 15 is sufficient for the needs of daily Sun, because the higher the SPF level texture as ice cream and pumpkin pores. Doctors recommend that beautiful, unless you sunny outdoors many new needs Sunscreen SPF 30, SPF indicators higher extreme high as 50 or 100 doesn't protect the skin you are is how. When you have skin breakouts, it's best to use sunscreen are lightweight, as Governor and the face as possible.
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4-You must know what type your acne

Not all types of acne are formed alike, and is a very effective acne with your body you never with you. With the types of acne are usually at the level of control, you can treat yourself without resorting to dermatologists. If you have blackheads or whiteheads, Dr. Lee suggested use creams or cosmetic line retinol or acne treatment contains salicylic acid (BHA). Acne acne and wrap with crutches, topical prescription drugs is probably not deep enough permeability to solve the problem, you should go visit the dermatologist to be prescribed antibiotics and creams for special treatment.

If not handled properly, blackheads often can become infections of acne cystic acne pus-filled and coated (photo: Internet)

5-don't see being stop acne skincare

People are often afraid of moisturising the skin when acne moisturizers that as cause oily skin and acne up even more. However, this is not true, but when starting acne treatment you need to moisturize the skin due to acne treatment process can cause your skin to dry, taut red and peeling. The skin was enough moisturizers will experience less side effects of treatment effects, further nourishing creams for oily skin acne also has the effect of reducing the excess oil on the skin.


6-skin by moisturizing gel or milk

You still have to moisturize the skin but must select product moisture levels consistent with acne skin condition. Most moisturizers have oil, so should you choose milk or original moisturizing gel water, help the skin was moist without being level and clogged pores. In addition, you should keep in mind to choose products of pharmaceuticals products are dermatologist tested and recommended.

7-the skin also acne then don't let bangs or hair neat tie up

The oil from your hair may stick to the skin surface, clogging the pores and acne sticks out. Dr. Lee advised those who are to face covered hair if whiteheads or black head hair section Compact roof forced to make the face you are breathing.

Dr. Pimple Popper (i.e. the moulding pimples) is the name for the Pole on the Youtube clip series with moulding pimples from the common type of acne acne acne and Lord to dinosaurs. The clip though read must also shudder, has dropped, but rice is very easy and hard to take your eyes, so should the crafting of acne Pimple ... clip always views calculated by hundred thousand to tens of millions.

Dermatologist Sandra Lee-famous people with acne under the name Dr. moulding clip Pimple Popper (photo: Internet)

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