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Doctor, I want to ask, "" on the road to do a sexually transmitted disease epidemic? And what time should avoid doing so. My husband always said, it does not have any effect, because not contagious, but I anal porn do not worry. I want to find out more about the relationship between the need to consult a doctor to help you, thank you doctor! (Huang Li)

Huang Li dear friends!

This day, the concept of "relationship" (oral sex) intersection becomes popular, many couples practice. This is a normal life, like "relationship" through the vagina, so it can also be transmitted through disease or infectious.
The "relationship" means some advantage is not to let a woman be pregnant, bring a feeling of comfort, let you feel more connected.

Time should not be at the junction of the relationship
The "relationship" on the road to some potential danger and not everyone can image at any time for example.

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However, "any person" is a potentially risky sexual relationship needs to know is:
- may also cause torn hymen women if the relationship is too strong and deep.

- can also be disease and health in sexual organs, if not clean or protective measures.
However, not only the "relationship" on the road to get sick. When you are sick, sick and genital or oral cavity of two possible wound partners, wounds, when the contact (even intersection), bacteria, viruses and diseases caused by the wound from one mobile to another through scratch, increase the risk of infectious diseases, is very high. So, in this case, both of you need absolutely no "relationship" on the road to ensure the safety of the.
In addition, many couples choose "relationship" in the direction of time the wife is pregnant, husband and wife relationship need to note. However, there are some cases recommended for pregnant should avoid the "relationship" on the road, this is the history of pregnancy abortion, non SHIZUKI students; in the low position of the placenta and amniotic fluid break fast, reproductive tract bleeding and infection and inflammatory diseases, skin diseases of genital tract......

In addition, if there is a "relationship" on the road when pregnant, her husband is not absolute attention blowing in the vagina, because it can cause tissue and artery clogging weapon damage. If this point can make the heart and continue to prevent deadly mother and fetus.

You already know enough information about the relationship of "road", should know how to achieve a reasonable, to ensure the safety of.
I wish you a happy and healthy couple!

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